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About Mario and Sonic Games

Posted on: January 12, 2011

There is no doubt that Mario is the most popular character all over the world in the history of video games. Mario has introduced in 1981 designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. You will be wonder to know that as a whole Mario has sold 210 million units which make it bestselling video game series. This popular character used first time in “Donkey Kong” game and “Super Mario Bros” is the game which made the name Mario too popular. “Super Mario Bros” was too popular and it was the best selling game of all time. Now developers wanted to enhance the popularity of this game. Development of Mario into 3D world gave new heights to Nintendo 64. Still today we known it as the best ever game platform has been created. Mario character has used in many video games but no one have reached to this level of success as Super Mario 64.

Sega also wanted to compete with Nintendo to capture the Mario’s market. Hence Sega created Sonic, which really helped to compete with Mario and Super Mario Nintendo system. The fist version of Sonic games didn’t get much success as Mario got. And its character had a little bit of attitude. Later, it launched 16 bit console system which has its side kick tails. Tails is also was a character which is used to play as second player.

The 3D development didn’t get much success as market captured by Mario game. Later it was launched on the Sega Dreamcast and get much popular. “Sonic Adventure” was the game which was most played 3D game.

It’s the age of Internet and most games are available online with free of cost. If you are not interested to know about which game was most popular then you can choose Internet to play the online interesting games. Most of the websites provide the online gaming facility with free of cost. You have the choice to play free online flash Mario and Sonic games depend on your mood.

You will get a long list of online Sonic games which has different interesting categories like action, adventures, dressing, puzzles and many more. Actually these flash games take less time to develop and hence you get a lot of different kind of Mario Sonic games. You can choose the difficulty level of each game to enjoy the games.

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